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JA  Forthcoming  Inductive Knowability of the Modal: Limits to Feel Good About
Penultimate draft    

BA  Forthcoming  A priori knowledge and persistent (dis)agreement.
Beyond Sense? New Essays on the Significance, Grounds, and Extent of the A Priori, Dylan Dodd and Elia Zardini (eds), Oxford: Oxford University Press
Penultimate draft    

BA  2023  Conceivability: Still not enough. A Response to Prelević
In Epistemology of Modality and Philosophical Methodology, Anand Vaidya and Duško Prelević (eds.), OUP, Oxford: 218-230
Penultimate draft     Published piece

BK  2023  Modality
A Cambridge Element in the series Metaphysics, edited by Tuomas Tahko, CUP
Penultimate draft    Published piece

TX  2021  The Integration Challenge
The Rutledge Handbook of Modality. Ottavio Bueno and Scott Shalkowski eds.): 157-166
Penultimate draft    Published piece

TX  2021  The Epistemology of Modality.
The Routledge Handbook of Metametaphysics, Ricki Bliss and James Miller  (eds.), 364-378
Penultimate draft    Published piece

JA  2019  Concepts and the epistemology of essence
Dialectica, 73/1-2: 3-29
Penultimate draft    Published piece

JA  2018  Genuine Modal Realism, the Humean thesis and advanced modalizing
Synthese, special issue on The Legacy of David Lewis
Penultimate draft    Published piece

BA  2018 Rethinking the epistemology of modality for abstracta 
Being Necessary: Themes of ontology and modality form the work of Bob Hale, Ivette Fred and Jessica Leech (eds.), OUP: 245-264.
Penultimate draft    Published piece

BA  2017  Similarity and Possibility: An epistemology of de re possibility for concrete entities
Modal Epistemology after Rationalism, Bob Fischer and Felipe Leon (eds.), Synthese Library: 221-245
Penultimate draft    Published piece

BA  2016  Rethinking Origin Essentialism (for artefacts)
Reality Making, Mark Jago (ed.), OUP: 152-176
Penultimate draft    Published piece

TX  2015  Introducción a la Modalidad
Cuestiones de Metafísica, Josep Lluís Prades, (ed.), Madrid: Tecnos: 151-190
Penultimate draft   

JA  2012  Essentialist Blindness would not preclude counterfactual knowledge
Philosophia Scientiae, 16/2: 149-172
Penultimate draft      Published piece

JA  2011  Modal Knowledge and Counterfactual Knowledge
Logique et Analyse , 54/216: 537-552
Penultimate draft     Published piece

JA  2011  Conceivability and  de re  modal knowledge
Noûs  45/1: 22-49
Penultimate draft     Published piece

JA  2011  Essentialism vis-à-vis  Possibilia, Modal Logic, and Necessitism
Philosophy Compass  6/1: 54-64
Penultimate draft     Published piece

JA  2011  Essential Properties and Individual Essences
Philosophy Compass  6/1: 65-77
Penultimate draft     Published piece

JA  2010  Modal epistemology, modal concepts, and the  Integration Challenge
Dialectica  64/3: 335-361
Penultimate draft     Published piece

BR   2009  How Things Might Have Been, by  Penelope Mackie
Philosophical Review  118/2: 266-269
Penultimate draft     Published piece

PP  2007  Mind-Independence and Modal Empiricism
4rth Latin Meeting in Analytic Philosophy: 117-135
Penultimate draft     Published piece

JA  2006  Peacocke’s Principle-Based Account of Modality: “Flexibility of Origins” Plus S4
Erkenntnis  65/3: 405-26
Penultimate draft     Published piece

JA  2006  Rohrbaugh and deRosset on the Necessity of Origin (With  Ross Cameron )
Mind  115/458: 361-366
Penultimate draft     Published piece

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