02/21  Glasgow VSS, Glasgow: 'Modal Scepticism and the limits of Induction'. (Rescheduled from 2019.)

05/21  COGITO Epistemology Zoom mini-workshop, Glasgow. Title TBA.

05/21  Modal Modelling Workshop, Stockholm, May-June: 'Modal Scepticism and the limits of induction'(Re-scheduled from 2019.) 

06/21  The Logic of Conceivability Conference, Amsterdam. Title TBA. (Re-scheduled from 2019.)

06/21  ALEF VSS, Romania. Title TBA.

10/21  Neo-Aristotelian Perspectives on Persistence and Modality, Mainz. (Rescheduled from 2019). 


06/20  The Logic of Conceivability Conference, Amsterdam. CANCELLED due to Covid-19. 

05/20  Glasgow VSS, Glasgow. CANCELLED due to Covid-19.

05/20  Modal Modelling Workshop, Stockholm. CANCELLED due to Covid-19. 

10/19  Manchester VSS, Manchester. 'A priori knowledge and persistent (dis)agreement'.

06/19  Congrés Català de Filosofia, Canillo. 'L'epistemologia de la modalitat: tendències actuals'. Plenary Speaker.

04/19  Valencia VSS, Valencia. 'A priori knowledge and peer disagreement'.

10/18  Necessary Beings: A conference in memory of Bob Hale, London. 'The structure of modal knowledge'.  

08/18  Issues on the (im)possible VI, Bratislava. 'Concepts and the epistemology of essential truths.' Keynote Speaker.

08/17  ECAP 9, Munich. "Current issues in the epistemology of modality"Panel Speaker.

04/17  Logos Colloquium, Barcelona. 'Rethinking the epistemology of modality for abstracta'.

03/17  Modal Knowledge--Scope and Sources, Bielefeld. 'A priori knowledge, peer-agreement and peer-disagreement'.

02/17  Gothenburg Philosophy Seminar. 'Rethinking the epistemology of modality for abstracta'.

11/16  Edinburgh VSS: 'Rethinking the epistemology of modality for abstracta'.

04/15  Seminari Filosofia Analítica, Barcelona, 'Modalitat i Coneixement'.

09/14  XI SIFA Conference, SIFA Young Lecture, L'Aquila. 'Epistemology of de re modality'.

09/14  Conference on the epistemology of modality, Aarhus. 'Rethinking the epistemology of modality for abstracta'.

09/14  Workshop on the epistemology of modality, Belgrade. 'Espistemology of de re modality'.

08/13  International Workshop on the Epistemology of Modality, Lisbon. 'Explaining the modal knowledge we have'.

06/13  London Logic, Epistemology and Metaphysics Forum, London. 'Explaining the modal knowledge we have'.

05/13  Workshop on concepts and the epistemology of modality, Lyon. 'Concepts and the epistemology of essence'.

03/13  Workshop on the epistemology of modality, Mainz. 'De re modal knowledge empirically explained'

02/13  Glasgow Philosophy Society, Glasgow. 'Judith Thomson on the statue and the clay'.

01/13  York Visiting Speaker Seminar, York. Paper title 'De re modal knowledge empirically explained'.

11/12  Stirling Philosophy Society. Stirling. Paper title. 'Judith Thomson on the statue and the clay'.

07/12  Reality Making Conference. Nottingham. Paper title. 'Rethinking Origin Essentialism (for artefacts)'.

06/12  Basic Knowledge - A Priori Conference. NIP, Aberdeen. Comments to David Chalmers' talk.

05/12  Second PERSP Metaphysics Workshop, Barcelona. 'Rethinking Origin Essentialism (for artefacts)'.

05/12  NIP Basic Knowledge Project, NIP, Aberdeen. 'Blind Reasoning epistemologies: The cases of modality and logic’.

03/12  Metaphysical Knowledge Conference, Paris. 'Explaining metaphysical modal knowledge’.

03/12  Seminar Series on the Epistemology of Modality, Aarhus. 'Explaining metaphysical modal knowledge’.

02/12  The Epistemology of Modality Workshop, Cologne. 'On rationalist epistemologies of essential truths’.

10/11  The Epistemology of Logic Workshop, St. Andrews. ‘On meeting the Integration Challenge for logic’.

08/11  The metaphysics and epistemology of essence and exemplification, Geneva. ‘On the epistemology of essence’.

08/11  Metaphysics, Modality and Mathematics: Themes from the work of Bob Hale, Sheffield. ‘On the epistemology of essence’.

06/11  Another world is Possible: A conference on David Lewis, Urbino. ‘Representation de re, Conflation, and Primitive Modality’.

05/11  Research(es) in Epistemology, Lisbon. ‘Cognitive requirements for counterfactual-knowledge: Two competing views’.

04/11  Grounding, Essence and Modality, Glasgow. ‘Representation de re, Conflation and Primitive Modality’.

05/11  LanCog Seminar, Lisbon. ‘On the epistemology of essence’.

02/11  Nottingham Visiting Speaker Seminar, Nottingham. ‘Counterfactual-based epistemologies of modality: A call for pessimism’.